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Making New Friend For Cebions - Capslock Pixel
Making New Friend For Cebions - Capslock Pixel
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Making new friends for Cebion: Helping a brand socialise on Facebook

It’s not uncommon for brands to start using social media heavily to market their products. This is especially true with the pharmaceutical industry. Due to the stringent control of traditional advertising by KKLIU, pharmaceutical companies realised that this opens up a whole new marketing avenue, and a lack of KKKLIU enforcement during the early stages gave more freedom to advertisers and allowed them to craft more specific messages to the target audience.

Our Client, Merck, was interested to begin the journey of social media branding for Cebion, a well-known Vitamin C brand in Malaysia. Already aggressively promoted against competitors Redoxon and Flavettes, they managed to capture a high market share within a short timeframe. Moving into digital marketing seemed to be the next logical step. The Client also informed us that many of its competitors had already established some digital presence to communicate with customers.

When the Cebion team approached us to develop their Facebook page, they needed to build an online community from scratch and ZERO ‘likes’. The challenge was to create relevant content, as well as craft a social media strategy that ensured a consistent growth of the fan base, and increase brand mileage through Facebook.

The very first post was posted after we launched the page.
A fun GIF post with dancing vegetables and fruits!
A special GIF that shows someone getting ready to work.

From the get-go, we set the objectives to create a constant stream of content to stabilise the Facebook page and ensure its steady growth. Even with the pay-to-play requirements that Facebook has set for marketers, great content will do well to get even more mileage from the adspend. Hence, each post had to work hard to garner the attention of the target audience.

Engaging content wins the race

We also posted an interesting fact about the products.
Some good-to-know fun facts on Vitamin C to educate the public.
A show of support to the Malaysian team at RIO Olympics.

Cebion’s Facebook content calendar was based on medium amount of 3 posts per week. One of the challenges we had was the Vitamin C market. It was a saturated market, and the product has become a generic offering. While we did not have to educate the consumers about the product, we faced content fatigue risks.

A GIF of a girl popping Cebion chewables in loop.
A merdeka campaign that focuses on collective effort. We asked people to share and like the post to raise the Malaysian flag.
We successfully raised the flag and found the lucky winner too.

One of the ways we countered this was the use of more specific information about Vitamin C. We procured information such as how much Vitamin C is available in different fruits, or how much Vitamin C will be lost in the cooking process. These information is then shared through easily digestible content and information. We convert distilled information, health articles and updates to attractive visuals.

The content were also created to reflect the brand’s image and values. Being a pharmaceutical brand, the content were health-related and provided information on general well-being, aligned with Cebion’s mission and vision for the brand.

A hidden object game is always fun to play!
Fun engagements like this always provide brands a great way to interact with their audience.
It's also good to include health tips and information hat would be interesting to readers.
A quirky guessing game that prompts fans to get information about nutrition.
A cute game to cheer fans up on a workday!
More product information so fans will have a clear picture of Cebion's offering.

We worked hard building the community and within a year we had more than 5,000 likes, despite a small budget for advertising. We took to rolling out many contests and mini giveaways that would encourage engagement such as likes, comments and shares on the Facebook page.

Visuals that are beautiful, entertaining and provide value to customers

Information on pharmaceutical products or health in general can be quite dry. Hence it was crucial that the content we produce were fun, humourous as well as stunning to truly engage the readers. All our visuals were colourful and eye-catching with friendly, ‘dialogue-style’ status updates.

A special edition popquiz on roosters in conjunction with Chinese New Year's Rooster year.
A shareable greeting for our fans to share the prosperity with their friends and family.
A warm post to feature one of Cebion's products.
Another counting mini contest to create excitement within the Cebion family!
A highly attractive and interesting GIF post of exercises people can do at their desks.
An example of never-seen-before fun facts that wowed and impressed the fans.