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Instagram Marketing: What You Need to Know - Capslock Pixel
Instagram Marketing: What You Need to Know - Capslock Pixel
Besides Facebook, Instagram is another huge social network for people around the world. Check it out about what you need to know about Instagram Marketing.
Instagram Marketing, social media marketing
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Instagram Marketing: What You Need to Know

Besides Facebook, Instagram is another huge social network for people around the world. We generally use instagram for visual inspiration and a channel for creative expressions. This in turn, creates a wonderful opportunity for brands all over the world to connect with their audiences in a special way.


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Marketers use Instagram account to tell visual and creative stories related to their businesses, but Facebook has made Instagram advertising available to all marketers. Since then, Instagram has more than 200,000 advertisers every month. At the same time, Instagram continues to grow with more than 400 million monthly active users, uploading 80 million photos per day and “liking” 3.5 billion photos and videos a day.

However, before you start making your next genius marketing move in Instagram, read these to make your game even more outstanding.


Briefing checklist

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Delicate Branding

Advertisements on Instagram work best when they resemble organic content. Subtle hints of your brand, in a captivating visual or photo, makes a stronger statement than plastering a huge logo on the ad.

Your brand should not overpower the ad, but rather be the original creator of a piece of good content, to generate true love from your audience.


New algorithm

Following the lead of Facebook and Twitter, Instagram has also changed their algorithm to prioritise posts based on users’ interest as opposed to a chronological order. So we advise posting not just good, but great and relevant content, as opposed to posting regularly to have a stronger presence on the Instagram feed.


Work with influencers

Identify relevant and popular influencers, i.e. accounts with massive followings, to work together. Make sure that the influencer is right for your brand, with similar product or values alignment. For example, it would help to have a fitness guru on board if you’re selling a health product.


Advertising with a strong call-to-action

Take advantage of Instagrams’ insight of how their users interact with the profile page button. According to Instagram, Instagrammers were routinely tapping on a company’s name from a direct response ad to learn more. Having a strong call-to-action now helps to direct the users into knowing more about your brand.





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