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How To Choose App Developer In Malaysia - Capslock Pixel
How To Choose App Developer In Malaysia - Capslock Pixel
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How to choose app developers in Malaysia

The number of smartphone users in Malaysia is increasing every year as everyone is entering the new age of digital technology. In 2016, there were 16.4 million smartphone users in Malaysia as reported by Statista. With more than half of the population owning smartphones, marketers need to step up their game by using mobile apps to target their audience.

Why is that so?

Smartphone users today rarely go anywhere without their phones. Smartphones are synonymous to a personal assistant to users; it’s the first thing users see in the morning, and the last thing they use before they go to bed. Therefore, marketing your brand through a mobile app is not going to be a bad idea at all as you’ll always be close and accessible to them.

Now, to find mobile app developers in Malaysia that is suitable for your business is important. Here is a list of the things that you should take note of:

#1 Talent
There aren’t a lot of mobile app developers in Malaysia, but you need to find app developers that are equipped with sufficient knowledge especially for Android apps. Besides coding proficiency, the developer needs to be good in UX and UI, to be able to create a user-friendly app. Having a digital creative agency solves that problem, as they have in-house abilities and the creative teams can work closely with the developer team.

#2 Money

When you hire a mobile app developer in Malaysia, remember to provide all the requirements that you need, the context of the app, the profiles of its users, so the developer can then estimate for the total cost for the project before works begin. This will avoid project delays due to mismatch of financial expectations, at the same time making sure both parties are on good terms throughout the project.

#3 Time

Discuss with your mobile app developer and try to fix a completion date. This is because the longer you take to develop the app, the more money will be needed. At the beginning of the project, be clear with the characteristics that you want on your app, such as the kind of app features and the type of platforms you want your mobile app on.