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Digital Marketing Guide For SME Malaysia - Capslock Pixel
Digital Marketing Guide For SME Malaysia - Capslock Pixel
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Digital Marketing Guide For SME Malaysia

Digital marketing

Marketing is a common term used in business strategies in the promotion of a product or service. What about digital marketing? Digital marketing is almost the same as marketing, but the process is done on the internet instead of using traditional ways such as advertising on newspapers, magazines and billboards.

Digital marketing in Malaysia is reaching the tipping point, as marketers continue to push their budgets to the digital side. Organisations realise the importance of digital marketing, especially when the target audience consists of younger people who are very tech-savvy. Today, when consumers need to get information on a product or service that they’re interested in, where would they go for that?

Boom. The answer is the Internet.

Just a click or a tap is all people need to get the results they’re looking for. Millennials, Generation X and even some Baby Boomers, are realising how useful and beneficial their electronic devices are.

Marketers need to be aware of digital tools that could grow their business exponentially. From re-marketing to marketing automation, we are not short of digital marketing solutions at affordable prices. The return on investment (ROI) can be very high if your digital marketing is done right. Compared to your growth and conversions, you will soon find that every Ringgit spent is an investment rather than an expense. However, take your time in selecting the right digital agency in Malaysia to ensure your digital marketing is properly managed with the right strategies employed.

There are many ways to advertise your brand online through digital marketing in Malaysia. These channels are the futher divided according to their objectives, such as conversion, retention and etc. Each channel needs to be used cohesively so they fulfill the different objectives that you have. For example, it would make a lot of sense building a community in Facebook, but not in drip email marketing, which would be better utilised for retention. Blogging is a good form of content marketing where you create content to influence your audience, educate them or simply building links to support your SEO strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is another great channel, in which keywords in your websites are targeted when people search for items related to your product or service. Search strategies are also used to determine the viability of your business and who your competitors might be. It is a huge channel used for marketing, and presents a huge opportunity for brands nationwide.