Digital Marketing & Social Media Agency In Malaysia

Capslock Pixel - Leading digital marketing agency & social media agency in Malaysia. We offer wide range of service incl. social media marketing, online marketing, online advertising & etc.

Capability | Digital Marketing Agency In Malaysia - Capslock Pixel
Capability | Digital Marketing Agency In Malaysia - Capslock Pixel
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Digital Marketing Services

 As the digital landscape is without borders, there are many things you can explore on. The good news is, we will explore it together with you. Right from the new social app in town to the latest development of virtual reality. However, as a start, here are a few types of digital marketing services that we specialise in. For now :)

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This is the kind of socialising that gets us buzzing. We see social media in Malaysia as an opportunity to connect and engage with Malaysians in real-time conversations, creating a partnership that goes beyond ‘likes’ and ‘shares’. Read more…

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We aspire to deliver impact with every impression. Employing proven methods to boost impressions and get clicks, we create lasting engagement with your audience, for your brand. Read more…

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Size doesn’t always have to matter. We’ll help you squeeze in everything you want to say into a space that’s about the size of your palm, and we’ll do it without breaking a sweat (or a screen). Read more…





We fully embrace the fact that content is king and we are but its humble servants.
As a fun-loving country, content marketing in Malaysia has the potential to create not just followers, but loyal fans. Read more…





Make it nice, make it dainty, make it lively, but never boring. We design websites that are aesthetically pleasing according to your brand personality, without compromising the user experience. Read more…