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4 Ways to Create Engaging Mobile Advertising - Capslock Pixel
4 Ways to Create Engaging Mobile Advertising - Capslock Pixel
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4 Ways to Create Engaging Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertisements; love them or hate them, they are here to stay. In 2016, mobile marketing saw the largest growth of all digital spend – an impressive 53.5%. What this means is that mobile ads are more than a marketer’s afterthought, they are thriving. With more than half of the world’s traffic coming from mobile phones, marketers have to produce mobile advertising which are attractive, retain interest and stand out among its competitors.

Here are 4 ways to create an engaging mobile advertising which will help create that eye-catching attention you need:

Use of targeting options

Reaching the right audience at precisely the right time can be tricky business. So, it’s essential to utilise mobile’s unique targeting possibilities by considering a slew of factors from age, income, gender to education and special interests. With beacon technology and location-based targeting, users will receive ads the moment they step into a store or join an event. Combine both demographic and location targeting, and you can create increasingly personalised ads offering better experience based on where users are located at any given time.

Create less disruption

Users are getting tired of having their entire experience interrupted by pop-up banners and pre-roll videos. It’s annoying and sometimes, it feels kinda rude. It’s no surprise they would much prefer ads that blends with or at least complements the content without disrupting user experience.

The term ‘native advertising’ – ads that are non-intrusive – Is something that applies across all digital marketing mediums, including mobile ads. These are ads that are so much a part of the app or content that users don’t noticeably register them as advertising.

Use mobile-based rich media

Rich media mobile ads are essentially any advertisement which are not static banner ads commonly used in most mobile advertising. These include ads that can respond when prompted, with interactive, playable features that makes full use of mobile touchscreens. Deliver innovative campaigns so users won’t mind suspending engagement on their app content. Showing the product is no longer enough. Make the user part of the experience and you’ll transform the process of viewing an ad into something enjoyable and captivating.

Keep it simple and convenient
Incorporating interactive and gamification is a great strategy but users shouldn’t be made to jump through hoops just to experience an interactive mobile ad. A sophisticated navigation system can lead to frustration while too much information and confusing graphics is a sure way to lose users’ interest.

Keep your graphics striking but simple, have a navigation system that takes one or two steps to access and most importantly, make sure that CTA button is a suitable size for a finger to touch.

Marketers need to get more innovative with mobile advertising as the novelty of each new trend starts to wear off. Take into account how mobile ads will be integrated across all mobile systems and screen sizes, keeping ads striking but simple with just the right amount of innovation to increase CTR.

Now mobilise all you have learned about mobile ads by trying out these 4 strategies on your next campaign!




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