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3 Secrets To A Successful Video Campaign - Capslock Pixel
3 Secrets To A Successful Video Campaign - Capslock Pixel
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3 Secrets to A Successful Video Campaign

Videos resonate with us in a way that rarely any other media can. They combine all the things we love most – visual images, sounds and stories. They are often more engaging, easier to consume and elicit stronger emotions.Video marketing has continued to prove itself as a strong tool in the marketer’s arsenal, impacting brand awareness and generating leads. But that’s only if you can get people to watch your video and better still, share it.

That is easier said than done when cutting through the sheer amount of content on social media gets more challenging every day. Marketers need to have a clear strategy, clever ideas and skillful execution to cut through all that online clutter.Below we reveal 3 secrets to creating compelling, actionable videos that will propel your video marketing campaign to success.

Tell the Story

Think about what information you want to share with your viewers, then find the best way to communicate it. The most successful video marketing campaigns build a connection with their viewers by creating an experience that makes them want to know more.

And they do this by telling a story.

We’ve seen some great campaigns that use humour or heart-warming stories to elicit strong emotions. Any emotion – joy, awe, excitement, even anger – that strikes a chord will get people talking and drive sharing.Rather than talk about your product, tell the story of how you came up with the idea. Use humour to bring points to life and humanise your brand. Show true and honest stories that viewers can relate to. Put less emphasis on selling the product and more on connecting emotionally with viewers and you’ll increase your video’s shareability.

Keep it Short

The average attention span online is now 8 seconds. That doesn’t mean your video has to be short but it does mean you have to get into the core of your content promise within the first few opening seconds. Your video should immediately convey its value to the customer so they’ll stick around for the rest. Show your viewers that this is worth their time by outlining the content or by starting with a powerful visual.

That being said, the average length of the top 10 most shared global video ads is 4 minutes and 11 seconds. Thus, it’s probably best not to have a video exceeding 4 minutes. Use careful editing to communicate your message and information in as short a time as possible. Alternatively, do a video series so you won’t have to squeeze all information into one video.

Optimise, analyse and improve.

There are plenty of tactics to ensure your video reaches out to viewers. The first step is to ensure maximum SEO optimisation by tagging your video with relevant keywords, having a unique title and writing a clear description.

Once you’ve launched your videos, the next step is to collect data on how viewers engage with them. Did they click your CTA button? What are the drop-off rates? It’s worth investing in video analytics to assess how well your video marketing campaign is performing.

Then, go back to your video marketing goals and make sure your videos are meeting the objectives you’ve set up. It’s a bit of work and requires an amount of trial-and-error, but making small changes until you see improved results can vastly help you to create better video marketing campaigns in the future.

Here’s a great example of a video using everything we just highlighted: Starbucks ‘A Year of Good’. Starbucks has a lot of resources at its disposal but this particular video comes across as fairly simple and authentic. It’s not a long video but it tugs at an emotional core and connects wonderfully with its target viewers.

Technology has simplified the creation and marketing of videos. You don’t need a whole production team and fancy equipment to make a video that will connect to your viewers. Instead focus on creating a video that tells a genuine story, one that’s not too long, then do your homework to make it better. There’s your recipe to successful video marketing.



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